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Student Assessments
Northern Summit Academy uses a variety of assessment methods and tools in order to determine a student’s  instructional levels, monitor academic progress, evaluate a student’s mastery of grade level skills and content material and to evaluate our school’s program effectiveness.  The school has a universal assessment plan that includes online and individual paper/pencil and reading tests.  At the time of enrollment the assigned teacher will review assessment requirements with the student and parent.  The assessment plan is based on grade level and academic needs.  All Northern Summit Academy students in grades 3-8 and grade 11 are required to participate in the California State Testing.  Students in grades 5, 7, and 9 are required to complete the Physical Fitness Testing.
Graduation Requirements
Northern Summit Academy is beginning the process, as a new charter school, to become WASC accredited. Course requirements vary according to a student’s of goal. Students may pursue a general education course of study or a college prep course of study. To receive a Northern Summit Academy diploma, a student planning to graduate must successfully meet the following course/credit requirements:

Courses General Education College Prep.
English 40 40
Mathematics 30 30
Science 20 20
History/ Social Studies 35 35
Science 20 20
VAPA/ Foreign Lang. 20 30
Physical Education 20 20
Technology/ Vocational Ed. 20 10
Health & Safety 5 5
Electives 40 40
Total Credits                          230 230 


High school students must pass the California High School Exit Exam as a graduation requirement. Students who don’t pass the CAHSEE but have completed all other diploma requirements receive a Certificate of Completion or return to Northern Summit Academy for CAHSEE preparation courses and receive a diploma as soon as the CAHSEE is passed. All students are encouraged to pursue a diploma.

Northern Summit Academy works with foster youth under the guidelines of AB 167.

Northern Summit Academy assists college bound students in planning high school courses that will meet the requirements of the school or types of schools the students would like to attend after high school. Teachers are prepared, as an on-going process, to help students exploreeducational options within the Northern Summit Academy course offerings as well as local community college classes, on line courses and special, applicable learning opportunities. Northern Summit Academy assists general education students in planning high school courses that will help these students meet their vocational, military, or other post high school goals. Northern Summit Academy works with students through career exploration to discover desirable options. Northern Summit Academy responds to the needs and goals of the students by providing an ever increasing number of vocational electives.

2019/2020 Enrollment

We provide educational opportunities to students who need the flexibility of independent study and the support of classroom teachers, classes, and an academic environment. Now accepting K -12 enrollment applications for the 2019 - 2020 school year.

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